May 9, 2016

It has to be a joke

According to the internet, and we all know stuff on the internet is true,  there is a motion afoot to draft Mitt Romney as a third party candidate. Romney? He lost in the primaries to the guy Obama thumped in the 2008 election.  Romney? Isn't he the guy who lost by a very wide margin to Obama in 2012?  In fact, he lost worse than Johnny McRino did in 2008.  Is Romney today's version of William Jennings Bryan who lost 3or 4 elections a hundred years ago?

No wonder they call the GOP the stupid party. Why don't they just push for a Romney/Bush ticket? I bet that combo would garner fewer votes than Johnny Manziel received for NFL MVP last year.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Or worse -- Romney/Kasich 2016! :)

Actually, I'd vote for Mattis/Sasse in a heartbeat, if I had the chance.

B said...

THe GOP would rather divide the vote and help trump to lose than have him as prezident.

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