May 9, 2016

Tell me why

Happy Monday. I hope you had a good weekend. I did, and that is really all that matters. My daughter and SIL took my wife to brunch yesterday, and I went too. Good for me. I took the wife to dinner last night. I got to participate in that too, even though it was Mother's Day.  In between brunch and dinner, she went shopping.  I did not participate in that, I stayed home and watched the Cubbies. They won.

I worked in the bearing business for more than 25 years: manufacturing and sales. While I made monumental efforts to never bring work home, it is inevitable that my job or events of the day entered into the routine conversations with my spouse. That said, do you think those conversations in any way qualify my wife to discuss an HM212049 tapered roller bearing in a wheel end application? Then why in sam hill would you think occasionally sleeping with Bill Clinton makes Hillary qualified to be President?

The fact that Hillary knew Bill in the Biblical sense was her sole qualification to be elected Senator, and her accomplishments there are scant at best. Her tenure as Secretary of State was a disaster in every way except increasing the coffers at the Clinton Foundation. If nothing else, she clearly showed a distinct lack of judgement and an obvious desire to escape Open Door laws in her private server scandal. On the bright side, she has a strong track record in investing.  Perhaps she can take some tax money and invest in cattle fuotures. She could eliminate our debt in no time.


Anonymous said...

We had a half black President, and now we need a female President, its liberal thinking. The fact no one in their right mind would hire either one to do anything doesn't matter to liberals. Qualifications have nothing to do with being nominated. Looking at all the candidates, which ones have actually done anything outside making money off the government payroll and help.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Worse, Hillary thinks it's "her turn" Jeb thought it was his.

What a joke our electoral system has become.

Ed Bonderenka said...

She'd be a half-female president.

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