June 27, 2016

And that is how I spent my Sunday.

I gave away my treadmill yesterday. I should be using it but I don't. It was a big space waster. It was a nice one too. It didn't go far. I gave it to my daughter on the condition that I didn't have to help carry it down the stairs. Suddenly, the blog room looks much larger.

After we did the treadmillandectomy, the wife and I headed out to do some work. I mowed while she trimmed the bushes. I helped her clean up the mess between frequent breaks. That woman works me too hard. I was too exhausted to complain when she reported that she had cut the electric cord with the hedge trimmers. I have done it myself. It happens. I came in for a much needed shower while she washed off the porch. I wanted to weed the garden, but I was just too worn out.

My oldest son and his sweet girlfriend came for supper. It was great to see them. After they left I plopped on the couch. The wife started doing laundry. WTH? Doesn't she ever get tired?

I need a couple of days off to recover from my weekend. I hope yours was good too.

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