June 26, 2016

it has been lonely in the saddle since my horse died

I'm sitting here sipping my coffee and tapping away one-fingered on the old iPad. Saturday was great; hot and sunny. We went to our friends and spent the day in and around their pool. Beer, cigars, snacks, and laughter were on the menu. We ate some pizza for supper and played some euchre as the evening turned to darkness. Relax, the wife drove us home.

Friday night the wife decided she was going to bake a batch of sugar cookies to take on Saturday. It was after 9:00 at night when she decided. She mixed the dough, let it cool in the fridge and finally started the first sheet around 10:30. A bit later I asked if any were ready. I needed to taste one to make sure they were eatable. I'm the official sugar cookie taste tester. She said I had to wait two minutes.

The timer dinged, the oven opened and my wife swore. That does not happen often. That is why I try to take up the cursing slack. But she did in this case. It seems she forgot to turn on the oven.  I only teased her a little. "I'm senile and you are blind, what a pair", she laughed.

We are a pretty good pair. Next week will mark thirty-two years of marriage. Damn, that is a long time.

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Jean said...

I envy you both.
Happy early Anniversary.

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