June 9, 2016

Does antimatter really matter to the Mad Hatter?

These words are arranged in a certain order that makes a modicum of sense to those who understand English, or at least my Hoosier version of that language. I could continue to type letters into words, but at a point not so far into the future they will cease to be arranged into semi-coherent sentences. They will be naught but random words. Shortly after that, this post would become random letters. Not only would that chaos be a literary example of the third law of thermodynamics, but a clear indication that I really, truly have nothing of consequence to offer today. Now that state of things is in no way unusual, but I have even less inspiration than normal today. Tree secretary steak and cupcake right wing beer ashkutrvbm, km .



Jean said...

If nonsense makes sense, should we worry?

Joe said...

It is a sign the world -- or at least you -- are beginning to see my genius! Ha!

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Joe, klaj 09u ujq0ou e0owrj0qf!

hey teacher... said...


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