June 10, 2016

My 'maters are blooming

Friday! Hoo-freaking-ray, I say.  It looks to be hot and humid weekend. Currently the clouds are heavy and dark and it looks like it will rain at any second. We need it, so I won't complain any more than usual. After rain chances this morning, it is supposed to be sunny through Sunday.

I don't know why so many of my entries start with a weather report. You don't care. Your weather is likely different if you live more than a few dozen miles from my blog room window. Unfortunately, the useless weather report has been a staple of my blogging for at least five decades. In fact, I told AlGore back in junior high he should invent some kind of platform where people could share their local weather.  That Al, he was always dreaming stuff up.

 Here I was, typing up a morning weather observation on my manual Underwood, and then just filing the paper in the round file. Old Al, he says I should expand my observations on the climate and throw in some music, politics, cat pictures, and maybe mundane recitations of travels and daily life. Al said other people -- maybe even a half dozen -- would get a kick out reading that kind o'crap. He said he was going to create a way to connect everyone's typewriters so we could share cat pictures and recipes and nekkid pictures and movies of old songs and weather reports. That Al, he always had a great imagination. He also told me my obsession with weather gave him a great idea to scam some people for some real serious money...


Anonymous said...

90 today, no rain, taking grandson to the lake in the boat, not much riding, just anchor in the shallow water and play around.


Joe said...

sounds like a perfect day

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