July 5, 2016

Different Rules

The Director of the FBI is slated to speak at 11 this morning.

There is no way in hell Hillary would be riding on Air Force One with Obama today if the FBI was recommending charges.  The fix was always in.

Oh, and why is she getting a ride on Air Force One anyway?

We truly have become a banana republic.

Edit. So as I understand it, according to the FBI, Clinton broke the law, but didn't break it enough to be prosecuted.

I wasn't aware there were degrees of law: sorta speeding, sorta selling drugs, sorta assault, sorta robbed that bank, sorta gave away state secrets.

I'm saddened most by the fact that so many a democrats know Clinton is corrupt to the core, but refuse to speak out. I guess a corrupt leader is better than losing power.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I hear the fat lady singing in the distance.

Anonymous said...

and yet there will be millions of morons who will be voting for the most corrupt woman on the planet to be the leader of the free world. free world? we're all mostly doomed, aren't we?

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