August 20, 2016

Horry Clapp, where did I stash that inflatable raft?

It was sunny and the grass was dry enough so I used my lunch hour to cut the lawn yesterday. It was warm and humid and I needed another shower when I was done. What do you think ladies, does visions of a sweaty old man get your motor running?*

It is a good thing I did, it started in raining around two and didn't let up until almost dinner time. And boy, did it rain hard. I had a mini river flowing out next to the flower beds. The cul-de-sac was an inch or two deep in water at the height of the storm. With more rain on tap today, my mid-day mowing session appears like a move of genius. 

My wife and daughter are headed off to the outlet mall for some shopping today. I promised I would do a little housework in her absence. I might as well, I have nothing else to do.  I can hack away at this and I can watch TV, but reading is still an effort with one eye approximately 20/50 and one approximately 20/200. I can't really wear my glasses since my vision in my good eye is better than my vision in my "bad" eye with glasses.  Confused? The bottom line is I don't mind helping with housework. I always have. And since I will spend all of next week lying flat on my back, the wife will have to do everything, including nurse my crybaby self. 

Anyway, it looks to be a good Saturday. I hope you enjoy your day.

* image of that hotness below the fold

It is not a sweaty hot athlete at the Olympics pose, nor old man-just-finished-mowing pose. It is a self portrait I took in the middle of my recovery from one of the surgeries on my left eye. I needed a shave.


Jean said...

You're a tease. You said 'sweaty'.

hey teacher... said...

Is that your audition shot for Risky Business?

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