August 19, 2016

Free massage coupons

Thank goodness it is Friday. This has been a long week. I think someone in the matrix snuck in an extra Tuesday without us knowing. If it was payday, then it would be a great day. alas, that only rolls around every other week.

It finally stopped raining for the first time in a week yesterday. I was all set to mow the lawn after work. Then the lawn treatment guy showed up. My grass really needs cut, but I'm not going to chop off all of the fertilizer I just paid for. Hopefully the predicted rain will hold off today long enough for me to get the yard done. I have to get it finished by Sunday, I go back on medical restrictions next week.

We have not had any Friday music for a while. I know that has left you sad and disappointed to no end. Well buck up little buddies, I am here to make you smile. Have a good Friday.


Anonymous said...

Finally got around to cutting my grass after two weeks, no big deal it seems to stop growing at a certain point. Since my anal retentive neighbor will be back tomorrow it will drive him nuts that my grass is half an inch lower than his. It could be worse but he doesn't like dogs that bark a squirrels, typical Hillary lover.


Joe said...

My neighbor doesn't mow until the grass is about 8 inches high. He can't understand why no one tents it

Jean said...

Massage coupons? Where? Where?

Joe said...

Rents. Not "tents it".

Geez, doesn't anyone proofread my stuff?

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