August 18, 2016

Same tune, different chorus

Louisiana is under water. Thousands are without homes. People have died. An uncaring President pays no attention. It has been days and FEMA is nowhere to be found. The press covers this massive governmental neglect non-stop. The President is held personally responsible.

Does this sound familiar?  With the exception of the last two sentences, all of the above is happening under the watch of President Obama. Of course he is a Democrat, so we have to assume he cares, even if the only example of his concern is scheduling yet another round of golf and partying with his one percenter buddies on Martha's Vinyard.

Do you think we will get the flood of '16 stories every damn time The Saints play a national game ten years from now like we are constantly reminded of Katrina?


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I read somewhere that this is being called worse than Katrina.

Our golfer-in-chief vacations, campaigns, fund-raises, and ignores it.

Nothing to see here. Doesn't fit the narrative.

Cheryl said...

The media is a disgrace and our so called President is a moron and never should have been elected the first time much less the second time. Cheryl

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Wonder how fast he'll take Air Force One down there now that Trump and Pence are going to visit.

Hillary, meanwhile, sits at home puffing on her oxygen hookah and leaving the phone off the hook at 3AM.

Joe said...

You called it. Now the Golfer in Chief says he will go see Louisiana.

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