September 29, 2016

Dear Secretary Clinton

I heard you proclaim during the debate that the rich do not pay their fair share in America. By any standard you are rich. So tell me, how much extra did you pay in taxes last year to ensure that you paid your fair share? You are allowed to pay extra. Did you forego exemptions and deductions? Did you take advantage of any of those loopholes you so denigrate? If so, why?

Could it be that you are like every other hypocritical Democrat, quick to spend my money, complain that is not enough, but grab every buck for yourself you can get? Put your money where your mouth is, announce immediately that you are paying 60% of your income last year to the IRS.

Write one of those big oversized checks like they give out at golf tournaments.


Anonymous said...

Hillary is part of the political hacks who pass the laws, the tax laws, write in the loopholes and then admonish those who take advantage of their own tax laws that they have written.
Say what???
Trump is following the written law that these corrupt politicians put into effect.
Hope Trump does a better job destroying this bitch the 2nd and 3rd time around.

mts1 said...

I appear to be the one sole viewer on Earth who caught Trump's little under the radar innuendo. When Hillary pointed out his bankruptcies, he slowed down his speech and raised the volume when he said he used the laws as they were written and passed in order to make a business move. When she said he paid no income tax, he did the same.

When my ABATE teacher twenty (mumble) years ago was telling us something that was to be on the test without breaking the rules and saying so, he'd slow down, speak louder, and repeat the line three times.

Captain Obvious says, "He was emphasizing that in opposition to his rival, who all her life flouted the law, and this administration, which applies the laws it likes, mocks and ignores the ones that are inconvenient, and goes rogue when it feels in the mood, that he Trump, despite whether someone judges his moves good or not, has always striven to work within the rules of the game."

The NFL rules state that if a player who is out of bounds touches a kickoff, the ball is ruled out of bounds and the receiving team gets it at the 40 yard line. Receiver Ty Montgomery at the 3 yard line stepped out of bounds, then came back in to catch the ball. Instead of running and getting creamed at best the 10 yard line, he got the Packers spotted at the 40 without breaking one bead of sweat. As a Packer fan and enthusiast of intelligently played coups de grace, A Lions fan would consider it bush-league highjinks. I find that as admirable as a Cubs outfielder who stops play when the ball goes into the ivy, even if it is perched upon a branch within clear reach like an ice cream cone (and every fan holds his breath so no breeze knocks it off), because the rules say it's an automatic double.

We're all too direct and bold due to 230 years of free speech. Now that is ending, we must learn subtlety, transmitting on one frequency as oppressors listen to another. This is growing, and needs to mature. The opposition in the Warsaw Pact and even USSR kept communication going with no radio or newspaper let alone internet.

Like Pepe says, "Saul Goodman!"

Ed Bonderenka said...

if he didn't pay a dime legally, he's ethically light years ahead of the Clintons in their pay to play foundation scam.

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