September 30, 2016

I'll take a Snickers, and some chips, and a soda...

Happy Friday. It looks like a soggy day ahead. I have nothing exciting to relate as to my travels this week. I was put on the "premium floor" at the hotel. My room was not any better, but I was given a code that let me grab free stuff from the vending machine. That was kind of cool.

My daughter celebrated the big three-o earlier in the month. Today is the youngest son's birthday and tomorrow is my oldest son's day. Christmas was always good for me in the old days.

Anyway, my daughter, her husband, and their best friends have been planning a big 30th birthday celebration for a year and a half. They have a Jamaican vacation set for next week. It looks like an unwanted guest named Mathew is going to be at the resort too. I feel bad for them. A few years ago they went to Florida and the area was hit by a tropical storm. Their Hawaiian honeymoon was beset with constant rain. Now it looks like they are going to get hit by a hurricane. Our family has always been cursed with bad luck. I hoped hers would disappear when she changed her last name. Instead it has just infected another family.

I told her to look at the positive, it will be a vacation to remember. How many people can say they spent thousands of dollars to ride out a hurricane?
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