September 18, 2016

End of the roundup, gather at the chuckwagon

Here are some Sunday highlights:

A bomb exploded in New York injuring 29. A second bomb was found nearby. The mayor says there is no threat of terrorist activity. Of course it is terrorist activity, you moron. Pressure cookers filled with metal and explosives don't just appear at random through a time warp. I do not understand the left's insistence that there is no terrorism.

Local TV icon Cowboy Bob has ridden off to the big chuckwagon in the sky, taking some of my youthful memories in his saddlebags.

The Cubs lost

College football games occurred

There is a heavy layer of fog over the neighborhood.

The Colts will lose by at least 17 today in Denver.

Senate candidate Evan Bayh is running commercials about how he will fix ObamaCare if elected. He is talking about repealing the medical device tax that is hurting thousands of Hoosiers. Apparently, Bayh has no shame, nor sense of irony. If only Evan Bayh had grown a pair and voted against his party, then here would be no ObamaCare to fix. He should be ashamed, but then he would not be a politician.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Yeah, it kills me that any Democrat could straight-facedly claim they're going to fix Obamacare when the whole mess is their own damn fault.

But Evan Bayh is a well-practiced liar, just like his daddy was.

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