September 19, 2016

You choose the adventure

I spent my weekend doing worthwhile endeavors. I spent Saturday morning working at a homeless shelter. That afternoon we spent time at the art museum. We rounded out the day with dinner at a trendy vegan restaurant. Sunday, I watched the news shows, attended church and went to the opera.


Saturday I lounged around in the morning watching an old movie. I then helped the wife clean house -- dusting, vacuuming. I went to the store to get a few items. I lounged on the couch watching the first half of he Cubs game. Some friends came over and we went out for a burger then played Euchre. On Sunday I watched a documentary about the early years of the band Rush. I mowed the yard. I watched the Colts football game. I watched part of a documentary about the band Lynard Skynard. The wife and I watched the recording of the Masterchef finale. Mostly, I relaxed the whole weekend.

I read where the Clinton campaign is reatedly taking withdrawals from small donor bank accounts when the donations were supposed to be one-time affairs. The Clinton's sure have a lot of computer issues, don't they?

It is Monday and I have work to do. The Man pays me to toil on his behalf, not to mess around here. Have a great Monday, all four of you.


Jean said...

We saw the movie "Sully" this weekend.
I highly recommend it.

Indians/Tigers game on Sunday was...disturbing.

B said...

It is actually 6 of us....

Don't misunderestimate yourself....

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