September 2, 2016

Friday Frivolity

Happy Friday to you. I hope you have good things planned for the long weekend ahead.  Fall is right around the corner.

We had a summertime feast for supper last night. I made BBQ chicken breasts, grilled some fresh corn on the cob and sliced some red tomatoes from my little garden. I grilled some slices of fresh pineapple. I sliced potatoes, added a diced onion and  a whole brick of cubed Colby cheese. I wrapped it all in a foil pack and grilled it as well. Too bad you couldn't enjoy it with us. You might have stopped me from eating way too much.

I'm coasting through work today, marking time until I can knock off early.

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Anonymous said...

Tropical Storm in progress, hope to keep power on through it other than that, rain , rain and flooded yard. Dogs are not happy.

James Old Guy

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