September 1, 2016

I guess Libertarian is just another word for Liberal

You Nevertrumpers who think the Libertarian ticket is the answer should take a look at the positions of Gary Johnson on the issues. He is much closer to the Democrats on almost everything. In fact Johnson has stated he agrees with Clinton about 70% of the time. He won't even use the word illegal. He wants to implement gun control. He is no small government small-"l" libertarian, he is just another big government politician.

This election is about how far left you want he bloated government to move.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

The major argument on the right at the moment seems to be between Trump supporters who point out that both Johnson and Weld are historically awful on gun rights, and Libertarians who point out that Johnson and Weld have "walked back" some of their recent egregious statements on gun rights.

I think the Libertarians (and please note the capital "L") are idiots, personally. Those positions were politically inconvenient, causing a lot of heartburn amongst the wookie-suiters, so they got walked back. Doesn't mean the two men don't still believe in those positions -- they've just walked their line in the sand back so people will quit bitching.

Now, one can point at Trump walking back his position on immigration, and try to make the same point, but come on. Anyone with any sense always knew he'd have to soften that line after he got the nomination. Even though our legal Mexican-American citizens and residents pretty much agree that illegal immigration needs to be stopped. They're not stupid, and they know what they had to do to live here legally. But a hard, inflexible line on immigration (e.g., the wall) isn't going to swing the independents to your side. So: Trump has started to swing back to the center.

And frankly, looking at the polls, it just might be working for him. It will be interesting to see what the polls say next week now that he's back from his very successful trip to Mexico.

Ed Bonderenka said...

Starting the day with a doobie never helped me to understand the day I was facing.
Can't help Johnson much either, I say.

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