October 30, 2016

Apparently Huma is just as careless with emails as her boss

I'm too depressed to write about the important stuff. So instead of baseball we will write about politics today.

I'm laughing my rear off at Hillary though. Isn't it ironic she is calling on the FBI to get on with the investigation and release what they know right now. She demands transparency.

If Clinton would not have lied, denied, obfuscated, covered up her server, deleted more than half of the emails, stalled to get immunity for her staff, and generally did her best Nixon impersonation, this investigation would have ended long, long ago.

Of course if she had actually cooperated someone else would be the Democrat Party nominee. So draw your own conclusions. I'm not surprised, hypocrisy has always been a salient feature of most Democrats.

Feminists insist we should elect Hillary because she has a vagina. They say most of society's problems are caused by men's wieners. I guess in this case one Wiener in particular is the issue.


Melissa said...

I wonder if they were insurance for Huma or hubby took them as his insurance???

Ed Bonderenka said...

Do we allow late voting in this country?
As it is I don't understand the appropriateness of early voting.
But perhaps we should postpone the election.

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