October 29, 2016

Fading in flashing glory

The Indians were the better team last night. They were better at the plate and had better pitching. In other words, they beat the hapless Cubbies at their own game. If the Cubs don't find their magic bats this will be a short series. I'm not depressed yet, they were down 2-1 in the NLCS and won in six games. They have shown they can win on the road. This is two evenly matched teams.

I slept fairly well for the first time in weeks. My hacking cough was held to a minimum. More importantly, the doc released me to sleep on my stomach. No more sleeping on my back. I am back to my natural position, on my belly, faced pressed under the pillow. Ahhhh.

Watching the ballgame last night I quipped to the wife that based on commercials you would think all we were interested in was cars, beer and boners.

"That is pretty much all guys think about isn't it?" She replied. Score one for the missus.

It looks to be a gorgeous fall day here in Hoosierdom.  I hope it is nice where you are. Enjoy your weekend. That is an order.


Dan O. said...
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Dan O. said...

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Blogger Dan O. said...

It looks to be an interesting series and I'm not even a sports fan. I gave up watching sports over a decade ago but, I've been channel surfing to the Indians games sine they won the Division series. That doesn't make me a "fair-weather" fan. I won't be touting any Indians gear all of sudden or hyping them (wow! did you just see the homerun? ;) ) if they win it all. I'll just say, good luck to you in rooting for the Cubbies.

And it was also a beautiful day here in the buckeye. Spent 3 hrs for the second straight weekend raking/mowing leaves. And the trees aren't even half-empty yet. I'm nursing my sore muscles with a hot toddie and a fine cigar.

Enjoy the game Joe!

dragonlady474 said...

The weather is to warm here. I hate it! Fall is my favorite time of year, and unfortunately it doesn't make an appearance here until near Christmas.

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