October 13, 2016

I forgot all about it, until just now, but it traumatized me for life

Like cockroaches from the woodwork, every woman who ever met Trump is coming out to say she was groped. Welcome to the attention-whore 21st Century*.where everyone wants to be famous and noticed. Just like  the women who were so traumatized by Bill Cosby, but did not know it until one came forward twenty years later, we are going to see a spate of women who claim Trump kissed them and grabbed their pussies without permission. It won't matter if it is true, it is about getting Hillary elected, it is about getting 15 minutes of fame. It is about destroying Trump in the days before the election.

I'm glad, this way we can focus on trivial nonsense, instead of issues three weeks before the election. If Hillary can keep press focused on The Donald, she will not have to address her horrible policies, her emails, her breaking of FOIA laws, Libya, her anti-coal agenda, or her determination to weaken the Second Amendment through executive order if necessary. We won't have to think about her plans to grow the deficit further or her tax increases. We won't have to discuss ObamaCare or ISIS.

Why not push the Trump is a pig angle? It worked to hide Bill Clinton's scandals. How many people believe today that Ken Starr was investigating Clinton's sex life? How many people think Clinton was impeached over a blow job? If a play works, why not keep using it?

*yes, I get the irony of using a blog to complain about the modern phenomena of social media


Ed Bonderenka said...

The founding fathers missed the media in their plans for our country's government.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Women are clearly too weak and fragile to do important things in this Republic like vote and hold office.

Joe said...

I just want to add Trump said women WILL LET YOU kiss them and even grab their pussies

Groping with Permission is not sexual assault.

But that does not fit the narrative.

Anonymous said...

Where were all these women earlier in the campaign? Did they all of the sudden remember getting a boob squeezed 20 years ago? A few minutes of fame for media sluts.


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