October 27, 2016

I have had my fill of doctors for this week

I went back to the eye surgeon today. He was pleased, I'm recovering nicely. He had no answer as to why my vision is trending towards "really sucks" again. In fact, according to the eye chart, it has improved a bit since last time. He said my severe astigmatism is the culprit and allowed that the surgeries may have made it worse. The good news is my vision is correctable to almost 20/20 in both eyes. In the end this all sure beats going blind. That was option two in this process.

I broke down and went to the Doc-in-a-box yesterday. I have bronchitis. $85 in prescriptions later I coughed and hacked more last night than ever. I spent the night in the recliner so the wife could at least sleep. The over the counter cough syrup seems to work better than the codine-laced 'good stuff': at least so far. A Z-Pack and inhaler don't seem to be doing much yet.  Yeah, that $85 was a good chunk of the funds we had saved away in the HSA to pay for glasses.

The money tree in the backyard has yet to bear the twenty dollar bills I expected. I suppose the magic beans I planted were a hoax too.


Jean said...

Give the meds a few days to kick in.

Glad the eye surgeries did their job.

dragonlady474 said...

Hang in there! You're a tough old bird, you'll heal up just fine.

Anonymous said...

That time of year for the sickness bird to strike, glad your eyes will actually work.


leeann said...

I've always considered my recliner as my default sickbed. H knows I'm going to be out of commission a while with one thing or another when he comes home to find me nested in a pile of comfort blankets in the recliner, bingewatching something.

Hope you feel better soon.

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