October 28, 2016

The Pioneers moved to the frontier because they were bored. It was something to do.

Just before 1:00 PM yesterday the lights blinked, came on, then went out. The sky was clear, there was no wind. The wife had just finished making lunch for our granddaughter.. I was staring into the pantry wondering what I would eat. Since our stove is electric and power was not yet restored, I took a coupon down to the Golden Arches  and grabbed my wife and I some nearly inedible lunch. The power company said we would be restored by 3:00. At 2:30 they said it would be at six o'clock.

Do you know boring life is without electricity? No TV, no internet, no radio. It was real-life Gillian's Island. Duke Energy updated the restore estimate to 10 PM. I said to leave the fridge shut.  We headed for dinner out. The wife ran her phone and iPad dead. We plugged them in the car. A new update text informed me we could expect the power to be restored this morning by 7:30.

We went to WalMart to kill some time.

Back home, we lit some candles. It was starting to get chilly in the house. My wife said she was cold. I suggested naked body heat was the solution. There was enough light to see her frown. My iPad power level read 5%.  It looked like I was going to have to actually have a conversation with my wife to pass the time!

It was like a surprise party when the lights kicked on just before eleven.

it is Friday, and it fits the theme. Not really.

Has there ever been an odder music video? In what way does this fit in with the beach? And why is she in a dress on the beach? Why is no one paying attention to the woman, in a long dress, singing on the beach about a hanging, infidelity, murder, and other dark themes? I'm pretty sure nothing here was designed to be ironic.


Cheryl said...

Our electricity went out one fall for over five days. We have a well and had an electric stove at the time. No electricity, no flushing the toilet. Thank you God, we had a stream right near our home where my dh and son got water to flush. It wasn't cold so that wasn't a problem. Cheryl

dragonlady474 said...

For some reason I always love it when the lights go out. I even tried to talk my husband into using candles and lanterns at night, as a regular thing. It's just so soothing. Of course, fireplaces and a gas stove help too. lol

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