October 17, 2016

Lots of cursing

Sunday...the day sucked lemons. I sat all day in a sales meeting. The boss increased my forecast for next year by more than 15% over this year's projected results. There is no basis in reality for his number.

The Cubs lost. I missed the game because I was at a company dinner. Looks like the good guys couldn't hit the ball. I won't panic yet.

The Indianapolis Colts....what a monumental choke job. I got back to my room in time to see that garbage of the last three minutes of regulation. The prevent defense doesn't prevent anything. The Colts are a putrid team, poorly coached and terribly put together. You cannot expect mediocre players to play like all-pros. I'm not one of those knee jerk Monday Morning QBs, but someone needs to be gone.  Maybe several somebodies.

No cursing after all. But I want to.


Unknown said...

May we display your header on our new site directory? As it is now, the site title (linked back to your home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention. In any event, we hope you will come by and see what is going on at SiteHoundSniffs.com.

Joe said...


Unknown said...

Thank you so very much for giving permission. Aside from the All category and the slideshow on the Home page, you can see your header under Daily Life, Entertainment, Political and the United States.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

You're paying Joe for this, right? You should be.

Anyway, getting back to the subject at hand: Gee, Joe, all day in a sales meeting? I thought EST training died out back in the '80's. :)

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