October 15, 2016

Four O'clock and All Is Well

Except that I am awake. That is not so swell. Cough, cough, I can't get that hippo off my chest. Cough, cough. I thought I was getting better, but tonight has been miserable. Lesser men would probably be in the hospital. Severe hypochondria can do that to you. Cough, cough . It has been a week of this coughing and I am bored with it now.

I'm off to the land of sun, alligators, and Mickey the Mouse for a sales meeting and trade show this morning. Nothing starts a week of tedium like lack of sleep. The biggest of he big wheels from Der Fatherland will be in attendance. I've not met some of them so I imagine my hacking up a lung  coughing fits that end with a retching gag will impress them to no end. So will the globs of snot I blow into soggy Kleenex stashed in my right pants pocket. "Pleased to meet you, Herr Big Boss. Want to shake my hand?" cough, cough. I guess it would be foolish to consider taking a couple of stogies to smoke in the Florida sunshine. Cough, cough.

I got the grass cut yesterday. The back wheel broke on my mower about half way through the back yard. The plastic hub cracked on the little axle. That is what I get for buying the cheapest model at WalMart. I don't think it can be fixed unless I can find a replacement wheel somewhere. It looks to be a crappy press fit, so I don't know if I can even get the old wheel dismounted. Luckily, I borrowed the SIL's mower to finish the job. Where do you even get rid of a three wheeled mower anyway? I can't afford a new mower right now. Not even a crappy WalMart model. Stuff always breaks down when your bank account is empty. You know it and I do too. It is probably not just my cough that keeps me awake in the middle of the night.

Enjoy your Saturday. I have made other plans. Well, they were made for me. Do you think the boss will buy it that I'm too sick to participate in company dinners and team building just at the time the baseball game starts every night? Cough, cough.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Now I feel it coming on.

Anonymous said...

Lowe's carries all kinds of those little crappy wheels, I have replaced a few.


Jean said...

Hot, steamy bath and chicken soup.

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