October 11, 2016

Not exactly chipper this morning

I was up at 2:45 this morning. I did not wake up, my usual MO these days. Instead, I was still up watching the Cubs lose to the Giants.  The usually stellar bullpen blew a lead in he bottom of the eight, giving up three runs to fall behind 5-3. Cubbie Kris Bryant tied the game in the ninth with a two-run homer that just cleared the wall in left field. The game ended in be bottom of the 13th on a walk-off double giving the Giants tne gictory.

As a Cubs fan I feel that same old bile building in my gut as I tell myself that no, I have not seen this movie before. I guess I have to remind myself that you can't win 'em all and that the other teams were bound to win a game or two as the Northsiders try to win it all.

So now I'm tired and cranky. Worse, I developed a cold over the weekend that has now settled in my chest. A hacking cough and running nose makes me not exactly miserable, but darned uncomfortable.  I am working on my presentation for next week's sales meeting. So that does little to improve my dour mood on this beautiful fall Tuesday.


Jean said...

Feel better. They won tonight.

hey teacher... said...

Now who's a happy boy?

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