October 10, 2016

Some thoughts on last night's debate

I wanted corn and the wife wanted green bean casserole to accompany the beef and noodle and mashed spuds dinner. I wasn't really all that invested in my choice, I like them both. Green beans won the day.

As for the other debate?  I watched a little football, even less baseball, and a couple of sitcom episodes we had on the DVR. I put the remote through its excercises, but never once considered watching the debate.  I went to bed content.

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Anonymous said...

Once the electricity came back on around 4 pm had more important things to do. Removing what seemed like miles of extention cords and getting things somewhat back to normal put the so called debate on the real back burner. I did fall asleep watching a football game, not really sure which one I was watching. I really don't understand this whole debate thing, I have known who I was voting for or in this case voting against for months. I would think if a voter doesn't know by now who they are voting for maybe they should just stay home in mom's basement. Both parties need to review how they pick candidates, sick and tired of professional politicians, it reminds me of voting for a class president or homecoming king and queen in high school.

James Old Guy

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