October 4, 2016

Purposely Perplexing

Another early morning. I woke a bit after four, stumbled to the bathroom and then was unable to go back to sleep. So it goes. My ability to compartmentalize and shut down my brain at times in order to relax has left me along with my ability to throw a sharp curve ball. I tell my brain to "Shut up, Donnie", but it just keeps bringing up more stuff.

I know the root cause of my inability to sleep. I just cannot get deep into REM lying on my back. Fifty-four years of habit won't be changed in two and one half months. I snore more on my back, I wriggle around more. It is just the way of things. Hopefully, the Doc will let me sleep on my belly after my next visit later this month. If not, I will eventually get used to sleeping on my back. Or I will keep getting four or five hours of sleep. It gives me something to complain write about. There is that.

Trump makes plenty of gaffes on his own, but the media has gone full in for Clinton. No matter what the orange-skinned one says, the media twists it. I think if he said something about the poor people in Haiti being devastated by Hurricane Matthew, the headlines would say Trump says Haitians deserve to be hit by hurricane because they are poor.

I'm worried about he tobacco crop in he Dominican Republic. Lots of good stogies come from that country. Oh, and the people. Sure, I'm worried about them too.  Honest.

Lighten up. The first two sentences in that last paragraph were a joke. I'm not that cold hearted. Mostly.

That is peobably enough from me for now. I often suspect I'm akin to castor oil, I should be consumed in small doses.

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