October 9, 2016

Sometimes a double negative is not positive, rather just twice as negative

Has there ever been two more loathsome candidates for President? Sadly, the bar is pretty low, even going back to the earliest days of the Republic. If you don't think George Washington maneuvered himself into the job, you have not studied history. Politicians are not usually the kind of people anyone wants to pal around with.

Trump is despicable. Yet Hillary has no basis for outrage. I don't think anyone would be shocked if Bill Clinton boasted about how easy it is to seduce women or bragged about groping star-struck fans. Trump's words described several women's encounters with Clinton.

I know this, men are crude. I played on high school sports teams. I have been in locker rooms. I lived in a fraternity -- at an all male school. I have heard crude jokes, lascivious comments, and more misogynistic speech than you can imagine. I have heard women objectified and described by no more than their base physical attributes: " You know that chick, the one with the big tits"? I have met those guys like Trump and Clinton who think every female on Earth wants them. Often they are rich, or extraordinary athletes. Think of that jerk swimmer at Stanford who got off with probation for sexually assaulting a young woman behind a dumpster. His father quipped something to the effect of "his life is ruined over 20 minutes of fun", there are a lot of jerks in this world and most of them want and demand special privileges. Politics is a means to that end with the added bonus of getting to put the little people in place.

I'm sure every budding politician would love to return to the feudal system. They see themselves as lords and kings ruling their subjects. Most, like Trump, Ted Kennedy, or Bill Clinton would have taken advantage of he loathsome right of the lord to have any woman they desired.

Too bad politics is more about gotcha than substance. Too bad we are not looking at the candidates real policies in detail. We spend time debating if Trump was in favor of a war that started a decade and a half ago. Who cares? How about we look at his incoherent foreign policy ideas? What about Clinton's notions of the Second Amendment or immigration, or her disasterous plans to promote green energy? 

Both parties recognize their candidates are flawed and unlikeable, sleazy even for politicians. I am starting to think the main attribute each trumpets most is really the only good thing either can offer: namely for Clinton that she has a vagina and Trump that he has never held office. Beyond that, I'm not sure what either has to offer beyond naked ambition.

I've held my nose more than once in the voting booth. I think this may be te first year I will have to stifle a gag reflex.


Ed Bonderenka said...

We both feel similarly about Trump.
The ballot should be marked "Not Clinton" and Not Trump" because that's how the vote is going.
Moral relativism is at work here.
That doesn't excuse behavior or guilt, but that she still favors killing babies and he says he doesn't now is enough to help me pull the lever (punch the hole, mark the circle) for him.

mts1 said...

I still hold to the notion that Trump is and was a game to get an unelectable as the R nominee. Hillary is such an awful candidate that anyone, even Pence at the top with all the anti-Palin-style virulent hatred that press stuck on him, could bury her.

Billy Bush exposed the tape. The cousin of the final Bush president and nephew of the Bush who said he hoped Hillary would win. Their golden boy Yeb! spent ~$20M to get nowhere once people gathered that he was a wimp whose wife had his nads in her purse. Here's a gotcha grenade for that, Trump. Who cares that he got fired. He still goes back to the life where his grandkids couldn't deplete the money; Today show was a vanity job, same as Chelsea's is. All these 1%ers. And like a good WWF "bad guy" character, once Wrestlemania is over, he will treat the whole insepid gang to steak at his country club. Just like Andy Kaufman's wrestling gig. They'd yell like they were going to kill each other down to the 3rd generation, then when the cameras were off go and have a beer and a laugh.

Tomorrow when early voting starts, I'm writing in Tom Hoefling, then voting R in the state races. I know a really good hard working blue collar family man in a county race who I gave money, and work hard and seriously funded my state rep, who stood strong when the libs were hating hard on her. Her opponent is a hate filled nasty B who has slung so much mud I'm surprised she hasn't gotten down to the Indiana limestone under her house.

Seriously, I'd like to find a Benedict Option and find a Catholic, Amish styled community and say FTW. It seems we passed tipping point long ago. I'm no angel nor claim to be, but I don't call right wrong and wrong right, and am sick of those on either side carrying water for reprobates when we have 300M+ people in the candidate pool from which to choose.

Joe said...

Indeed, more reports are coming out that the Republicans leaked he tape. The last thing the good old boys want is the notion an outsider can join the club. That is why the establishment hated the tea party and why they hate Trump even more. it is about keeping power. It doesn't matter who has the most seats, as long as the " right" D or R controls the money.

I'm not a tinfoil hat kind of guy, but I'm slowing starting to believe a group of insiders are controlling everything and party affiliation has nothing to do with it.

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