November 25, 2016

I am so confused

I swear some days I think I am Alice in Wonderland. Everything is topsy-turvy.

The DOJ  has fined the Denver Sheriff Department because they only hired US Citizens as deputies. I suppose The Obama Justice Department thinks we should hire illegals to enforce the laws? You know, people who broke the law to come into this country?

Can any of you lefties, open-border types explain the rationale behind this?  I am serious. I have no doubt I am an ignorant redneck xenophobe, but I really cannot see what is wrong with demanding our law enforcement officers are citizens of this nation.


Ed Bonderenka said...

Should have run the clock out.

Linda said...

I think you are absolutely correct. My bil had to live in Arkansas to be on the West Memphis police department when he wanted to live in Memphis. That seems as reasonable as being a citizen to serve as a police in the US.

Melissa said...

I figure Trump will take office in time to void the fine a drop the findings - how you police the laws if you don't believe in them.... Thank god the Democrats are about to be gone.

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