November 25, 2016

Suspension of belief

Let me get this straight, Democrats want us to believe Hillary lost because hackers took over voting machines in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. To accept that theory you have to believe that:

1) the hackers were able to hack voting machines. They created a program that would not show up in pre-election testing, and somehow deleted itself leaving no trace the hack existed right after skewing he election for Trump.

2) the hackers chose those three states as opposed to any other random trio.

3) the hackers were able to sneak the code into the voting machines of just the key districts and precincts necessary for Trump to win. There would be no use in hacking voting machines in predominately Democrat or Republican districts. The more machines you infiltrate the greater the odds you get caught. The hackers knew precisely which voting machines at which elementary school gymnasium to attack.

4) the hackers knew to target Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin despite polls clearly showing Clinton ahead in those states pre-election. She was so sure of Wisconsin she did not even campaign in that state. Yet, we are to believe he nefarious  Russian computer wizards were able to consult their magic 8 ball to know which machines in which polling places to manipulate to ensure a Trump win?

This conspiracy theory is so unbelievable that Oliver Stone thought it stupid. This makes the 9/11 Truthers appear sane. Random rednecks who claim they have been anal probed by aliens from Alpha Centauri find the whole "Russians hacked the voting machines" theory ridiculous.

Remember how so many of you Democrats mocked Trump when he said he wasn't sure he could accept he results if he lost? Well once again your hypocrisy shines through. Get over it, I am not thrilled Trump is going to be the next President (I'm ecstatic Clinton lost) but that is how elections work in this country.


Ed Bonderenka said...

I took my felt marker, filled in the circle and it mysteriously erased and the circle for the other candidate filled itself in.
Oh, that means Hillary stole my vote.
What's her beef?

Cheryl said...

No one wanted to admit they would vote for Trump so the polls were so wrong. I didn't vote for either but I didn't like Obama so there you go. Cheryl

Linda said...

Suspension of DISbelief?

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