November 4, 2016

On to other stuff

Yesterday was a killer. I was up late Wednesday. I left early to drive up into the mitten state. Visited a potential new customer. Tired driving sucks. Podcasts, talk radio, and audiobooks kept me going and paying attention.

I got upgraded to a suite at the hotel. There are advantages to being a "diamond member".  My full-sized refrigerator has 2-1/2 bottles of water in it. That is a waste. But I confess I do like a king sized bed.

I have one customer visit this morning, also to a potential new customer, then I am heading back down every middle schooler's favorite highway (69) toward home. Or I might take the back roads. It all depends on my mood. In either case I should be home by mid-afternoon.

Enjoy your Friday.


dragonlady474 said...

Drive safely and enjoy the colorful foilage!

Anonymous said...

I helped build that Highway, way back when. It was a summer job during my final high school year.


hey teacher said...

I love highway 69. Much more interesting than driving down Missionary Street. Yeh, I teach middle school. Crank a little CCR, Up Around the Bend, that'll keep you moving. Enjoy the weekend!

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