November 4, 2016

People are jerks

My son-in-law is a wonderful guy. He hails from a Chicago suburb. He is a proud Cubs fan and flies a flag with the team logo. In the winter it is a Blackhawks flag.

This morning, they discovered someone had painted "CLE" in letters several feet high across their garage door.

It is just a baseball game people.

In truth, I doubt the vandalism was by a disgruntled Indians fan, but rather teens trolling the neighborhood, looking for unlocked cars to ransack and easy targets of theft. The criminals from the city have discovered it is far more lucrative to target the suburbs than their own blighted neighborhoods.  I'm sure they got a good laugh.

It is not so funny for the homeowner who has to miss work to file a police report, spend time trying to clean up the vandalism, and possibly pay several hundred dollars for a new garage door.


Anonymous said...

It won't be funny when someone puts a bullet in one of those so called kids.


Greybeard said...

Living in the city is stressful and hard.
There are PEOPLE all around you.
People ARE jerks.

dragonlady474 said...

This is why I live n the country! I hope they find the punks who did it.

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