November 5, 2016

Tales from the road

I stopped in a small town in Northeast Indiana for lunch yesterday. It was after 1:00 and there was no one in line at the Burger King. As I waited on my crappy Whopper meal, one of the employees came in and dropped two bags from Wendy's right behind the counter. The manager told her thank you.

As the same manager handed me my tray, I asked her "What does it say about my choice to eat at your Burger King when you get your lunch from Wendy's.?".

Her face turned red and she stammered "Uhm, since I have to pay for my meal, and uhm, I get tired of eating the same thing all the time, and uhm..."

I gave her one of my winning grins to let her off the hook.

I am willing to bet if the owner of that particular BK saw those rival sacks it would be a firing offense. Heck, she was probably all of 19 and likely was an assistant manager simply because she stayed there for longer than any other employee. No big deal.  It did amuse me to no end.

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