November 9, 2016

quick thoughts on the election

America is waking up and uttering an Urkel-like "Did I do that?" This morning.

Look, despite the hyperbole and outright panic in some circles, the world will not end. Stocks will rebound. No one is going to send 20 million illegals packing January 21st. Submarines will not be launching nukes on anyone.

Alas, Amy Schumer, Brian Cranston, Babs Streisand, and Rosie O Big mouth probably won't be packing up moving vans for Canada either.

Polls for three years have shown that most Americans think we are on the wrong path. Why is everyone shocked when we rejected a candidate who offered more of the same.

Wouldn't it be ironic if Clinton refuses to accept the outcome when the media went apeshit over a Trump saying he might not if he lost?

Insiders have said for thirty years that Hillary has an awful temper. I bet things were ugly in her headquarters as the night wore on. Do you think she throat punched Huma and blamed the Weiner for her loss?

I would not be surprised if Obama fired Comey before the month is out.

Democrats and Republicans insiders need to take a hard look in the mirror. America is fed up with politics as usual, with the corruption, the cronyism, the fetid political swamp that is Washington. Nothing could be more evident.

Related to my last point, the media just took a kick in the crotch as America has repudiated their bias and unrelenting liberalism as well.


Cheryl said...

I agree with everything you posted. Poor Bill Clinton, wonder how long that marriage will last. I keep thinking this is like that scene in Dallas where Pam Ewing goes in the bathroom and realized the past years was just a dream. Also wonder how soon Trump will go after Hillary? Cheryl

Joe said...

And tomorrow HillRy and Bill will realize the FBI investigation into their foundation is not going to go away.

Melissa said...

I am proud to be an uneducated white that ABC News kept talking about... I am shocked though I really was prepared for him to lose. said...

The best part of this election was seeing the media get what was coming to it. Very satisfying.

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Oh, I think that marriage is over.

Never doubt the silent majority. The polls were all wrong. I've been saying that for months, it was clear from the internals that they were biasing results to the left. As usual, the only meaningful poll was the one that was taken between 6AM and 6PM on Election Day.

This election is a smack in the teeth to the media, the polling industry, and to party establishments. All of them had better take notice. Because nobody is going to believe them next time if they don't smarten up.

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