November 8, 2016

I voted

I just got back from the polls. I waited in line right at 1-1/2 hours to vote. I had to prove I was me and sign the registration book before I could vote.

A lady in line behind me had the line of the day. She was discussing how it took people so long to cast their vote. "I decided this morning" she said. "All I have to do is push the button, click complete and then go vomit and wash my hands".


It is that kind of election.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

My precinct seems to be full of people who either voted absentee or said "to hell with it" and stayed home. I walked in at 10AM and had four people in front of me. Wifey did the same thing at around 7:30 and said the same.

The neighboring precinct, which also votes at the church up here, had a line down the hall and out the door, probably at least 100 people standing there waiting to vote. Given where that precinct is in relation to the polling place, I'm kind of amazed the county makes them come all the way over here; there are at least two apartment complex community buildings over there that they could have used as a polling place. Inscrutable is the mind of government.

Cheryl said...

Only had to wait 35 minutes. We are a very conservative area and I bet most voted for Trump. Cheryl

Anonymous said...

At 8 am lines were long, by the time I got home around 6 line was better took 20 minutes, 14 minutes prior to closing no waiting.

James old Guy

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