November 8, 2016

whop whop whop whop

A helicopter started circling the area a little after six this morning. The distinct whop whop in the sky woke me from a not-so-deep sleep. At first I thought it was LifeLine rushing to the scene of an accident. The interstate is not so far away. Instead, I think the polling place just up the street must be topic of live shots for one of the local stations. The whirlybird has returned every twenty minutes or so since its first appearance. I can find nothing else of interest -- fires, massive accidents, hostage situations, rogue squirrels, an appearance by the Four Horsemen, floods -- in the greater redacted area. I can still hear the aircraft in the distance, biding it's time to return over my house.  I cannot see it, but I don't think it is black. I have not seen Ninja dressed "They" approaching my house in retaliation for my right wing blog ramblings.

I bet my wife is pissed. She got to sleep in today since my granddaughter is coming late. The dang helicopter surely has kept her awake most of the morning.

Election day! The political ads will finally cease when the polls close at six this evening. Then we can get back to the endless string of car commercials we normally see. I never thought I would long to see that creepy guy who thinks the town of Avon is so beautiful.

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