December 28, 2016

Temper tantrum

I had to behave like a real person yesterday. I got up at dark O'Clock, showered and hit the highways to arrive at the home office before seven. It was inventory day and my ability to count without using my fingers and toes was needed.  I don't mind getting up and going into work, just not early enough to post something on the old blog before i leave. I don't love you that much.

I am amazed at the pettiness of President Obama. He has absolutely stabbed Israel, our only friend, the only democracy in the Mideast, in the back. He has given the Palstineans yet another reason to refuse to negotiate with Israel on a two-state solution. Obama does not like the Israeli PM. Too bad.

Why Jews continue to vote overwhelmingly Democrat has confused me since Jimmah Carter was President. Democrats from FDR to now have screwed over the Jews. But American jews still keep voting for the anti-Semites. It is Stockholm Syndrome or something.

It appears Obama is going to shove his legacy down our throat in a last minute hissy fit. He is gonna figuratively trash his Vegas hotel room because he lost big at the craps table. He'll show us. Well, Mr. Obama, it is like you told us after you were elected; elections have consequences. America has repudiated your agenda on every level from local to state to federal. Get over it. These last minute moves make you look small, petty, and unPresidential. What is next? Are you going to stuff paper towels in the urinals and rip up the pillows as you vacate the White House? Did you carve a big "O" into the oval office desk so succeeding presidents will remember you?

Obama probably thinks the XX Amendment is racist because it kept him from sharing his vision for another four years.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Most modern Reform and Conservative Jews vote Democrat because of social justice issues that are cemented firmly into their version of Judaism. (They tend to believe in a "messianic age" rather than in a "messiah son of David", and the way to get to the "messianic age" is to practice social justice.) This won't change until someone makes it clear to them that social justice programs at the state and national level simply don't work. The sad thing is that, like most Democrats, these Jews don't really spend a lot of time examining their premises -- it's all feel-good politics to them. They vote Democrat, feel good about it, and go back to bashing Israel for being meanies to the Paleostinians [sic].

Most Orthodox Jews, on the other hand, tend to vote Republican, at least partly because they see the GOP as friendly to Israel, but also because they know a) the GOP is better for business than the Dems, b) Hitler was a man of the Left, and the last thing they want in charge is another fascist demagogue, and c) social justice is fine at home but is difficult to force successfully onto larger polities like cities, states, and countries. You can be assured that they are just as happy as the rest of us that Barack will be out on January 20 and we might actually get four years of more conservative policies.

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