December 29, 2016

Sad stuff indeed

In recent years 1950's Debbie Reynolds has replaced 1940's Esther Williams as my favorite old chick younger me would have fantasized about when they were young. I bet Reynolds did that intoxicating little laugh if you tickled her in just the right secret places.

Debbie Reynolds passed away yesterday. The death the previous day of her daughter, Carrie Fisher, was a strain Reynolds could not bear.  I have said it before, no parent should ever have to bury their child. It is a horror I pray to never face. After my aunt died you could almost see the life slip from my grandmother. Even though those two wonderful women died a few years apart, my grandma was not the same after cancer claimed my only aunt.

I am one of the least star struck people on Earth. I cannot think of a single celebrity, artist or musician that I care to meet. I wouldn't cross a restaurant to bother any athlete. I have no desire to go backstage to hang with my favorite musicians. It should come as no surprise that I do not watch TMZ and I don't scan Buzzfeed for the latest celebrity gossip. I really do not care what Johnny, or Jennifer, or Brad are saying or doing. That said, the passing of this mother/daughter pair is sad beyond belief. One would have to have the coldest of hearts not to understand the tragedy of the events, no matter if the people involved are famous. May they both rest in peace.

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Anonymous said...

Very sad indeed. Mothers and daughters should not fight ever. Carrie and Debbie were at odds with each other for many, many years. Thankfully, they made up in the end.
No fighting! Because we never know what the future holds for us.

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