December 17, 2016

Ice, ice baby

The cul-de-sac in front of my house is a sheet of ice. It looks like a skating rink. Freezing rain, more like freezing mist, started around 10:30 last night and we have a fine coating of ice everywhere. I don't think it is heavy enough to start breaking power lines, but I suspect the roadways are treacherous. You can learn to drive in snow. No one can safely drive on ice.

Leftist hysteria and attempts to delegitimize the Trump election continue. The sore losers are sowing seeds they will regret. Just as Democrats are sorry they changed Senate rules to get their agenda passed, they will wish they never cast doubt on the integrity of the electoral process in the future. The nation is divided politically. That will not change anytime soon. The smooth and seamless transition of power we have enjoyed since Washington left office in 1787 is no more. Acrimony and hate will ratchet up with each succeeding election. Disruptions of the electoral college, faux outrage and refusal by Congress to accept the election results, riots at the inauguration are just the beginning. How long until a future former government refuses to hand over the reigns of power because of a real or imagined issue with their successor? Just like my driveway this morning, it is a slippery slope and fraught with danger. This nonsense is the stuff of Banana Republics and the breeding ground for tyranny and future dictators.

 In the not so distant future we are going to look back and wonder how did we lose our Republic and we can point to George Soros and the Democrat Party. They will not be able to control what they have started any more than a speeding motorist can control his car on the icy interstate.

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