December 18, 2016


The losers of the election are in full panic mode. They tried recounts to change the Trump victory then it was fake news, then they blamed it on the Russians. They hope enough electors will ignore their will and then enough GOPers the House risk tar and feathering by their constituents to vote for ..well someone not Trump.

Now in an OpEd Some Dufus is arguing that the populous states could sue in the Supreme Court because less populous states get more influence in the electoral college. He compares the populations of California and Wyoming and since both only get 2 senators then each one in Wyoming represents far fewer voters than the 2 for California. I guess he does not understand that is a feature, not a bug of the Constitution. This Kenneth Jost believes that there is some method that the Court can make the Constitution, well unConstitutional or something. The electoral college is written in. It can only be abolished through the amendment process. Oh, and notice as a good liberal, he trots out he old "the electoral college is racist" canard, despite it not being true; the Connecticut Compromise HURT the slave states.

Anyway, if this is what passes for intellectual thought then the losers are truly desperate.

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Melissa said...

It is just amazing to watch the Sunday Morning Political shows where they trot out the various people who blame Putin, claim Trump is in bed with Putin but can't seem to own up to the fact of what was in the emails is what did them in.

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