December 19, 2016

Liberal Irony

My oldest son is a bartender/waiter in a college town. He works at one of the chain restaurants. Some of his frequent customers are the professors from the university. My son says these professors are the worst tippers as a group. One guy in particular irritates him. This professor comes in often giving all within earshot a hearty dose of his political philosophy. The liberal professor holds forth on Trump, economics, and the so-called "living wage".  And never, no matter the size of the bill, tips more than $2, says my son.

Waitstaff and bartenders are paid in tips. Their minimum wage is a fraction of the federal standard and most restaurants only pay the minimum wage if the tip amounts are less than the hourly minimums. It is either/or for the worker. Most establishments get rid of servers who cannot pull in more in tips than the paltry minimum wage. So when this blowhard tips a measly couple of Washingtons on a $50 tab, then he has cheated the server. Not only did he not pay the worker for the effort. But he took up a table that might have tipped better.

I am in no way arguing you should generously compensate bad service. I do find it hard to believe this one guy gets substandard service every time he dines at this restaurant. If he does, he should not continue to patronize the business. I think we all can deduce this liberal professor is like a lot of progressives, he likes to spend everyone else's money, but is hypocritical when it comes to real life situations. Talk is cheap, apparently this blow hard liberal is too.


hey teacher... said...

Stiffing people that do a job for you. Hmm, sounds familiar, maybe this "blowhard liberal" should run for POTUS. A precedent, (whew, almost spelled presidential), has been set by our blowhard-elect. Your son must get stiffed 98% of the time living in Bloomington, which is "infested" with "blowhard liberals". I guess the 2% conservative tippers make up the difference with their humongous trickle down tips.

Joe said...

This one lives in Muncie

Joe said...

I may rant to my heart's content around here, but I have always had a strong antipathy for those who harangue in public, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum. One of the guys at my old employer had to insert politics into every conversation. It got old.

I rarely discuss politics outside of this blog, and usually someone else has to bring it up.

hey teacher... said...

I usually save my political rants for the secret ceremonies we liberals have where we play Pink Floyd albums backwards and chant to
Maynard G. Krebbs to save us. Actually, I only discuss politics with family/friends. My tongue is usually very sore at the end of the school day after listening to the spewings of "well informed" middle schoolers.

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