January 20, 2017


Later today we could see liberal heads all over the country spontaneously explode.

Is there any chance they will be classy? Decent? Grown ups?

How many times will CNN cut away to a group of hysterical a democrats crying in frustration that Trump will replace the Obama in the White House?

I would be laughing my butt off if it wasn't so sad.


Anonymous said...

The media is losing it's mind, Facebook is losing it's mind. I have been watching Today and ready to puke most of the time. Like him or not, the country passing the leadership torch from one person to another peacefully is the real point. We still have a Congress and a Supreme Court, you would have thought we elected a dictator, hopefully the power of the Presidents Pen will not be used as in the past.


Joe said...

If you watch the news you have to wonder how Trump got elected. According to the press, no one wanted him, he somehow sneaked in by tens of millions of hacked Russian votes and is a dictator who will fire up the ovens for gays, people with skin other than white, Muslims, and anyone who fails to toe the ever-changing Trump line. Worse, he might undo the wonderful, perfect Obama agenda. Clearly they believe Trump is the political Antichrist.

The very things the left is doing, protesting, etc. is what the press claimed would irreparably harm America when they thought Trump supporters would act this way after his inevitable loss. I guess it only harms America when others do it.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful day!!!! Sitting here listening to ABC talk about poor John Lewis.... cry babies go home.

Ed Bonderenka said...

I've only talked to one person who claims to have voted for Clinton, and only because Trump scared him, but is just fine with Trump now.
Who voted for her?

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