January 17, 2017

Four O'clock and All is Well

I don't know why I woke up a smidgen after four this morning. I know I tossed and turned, flipped the pillow, pulled the sheets and blankets on and then off, and then continually repeated the process until I gave up and got up just before five o'clock. The first cup of coffee is down to the dregs and I have read through the political and news sites that make up my Internet day.

We are in the midst of decidedly spring-like weather. No matter, I find myself deep into the I-need-a-vacation mindset. I don't think the vacation day I'm taking in a few weeks to get a colonoscopy will alleviate the longing for a day or two off work. Somehow I do not believe having a tube crammed up the exit-only hole serves as an adequate substitute for warm sun, palm trees, or ocean waves.

Maybe I should change the background on my computer from scenes from Hawaii to one that depicts gray skies, brown grass, leafless trees, and black dirty mounds of old snow in strip mall parking lots. A dose of reality may be what I need.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

In my experience, waking up a smidgen after four is due to my brain finally wondering what that hissing noise is, and waking me up to discover that my CPAP mask has slipped :)

Joe said...

I think half the time it is issues with the wife's CPAP that wakes me up

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