January 16, 2017

Once again I fail to come up with an attention grabbing title

That was a wasted weekend. I am not sure where it went. We took the granddaughter to a Winnie-the-Pooh event at the local parks department Sunday. I walked three plus miles yesterday morning. We also...and...yeah, I have no idea. It was that kind of a lost weekend.  I do know there was no beer, cigars, or nookie involved in the time wasting. I read some. I watched TV. We didn't even go anywhere. It was a true lost weekend.

I know John Lewis got the shit kicked out of him during the march to Selma. I know he was a friend of MLK. I know he bled for Civil Rights. Those facts do not make him right all of the time. He is not immune to criticism. Disagreeing with him does not make me a racist, hate-filled bigot.

Someone needs to turn off Trump's twitter account. Please? No matter who gets elected president half the country is going to disagree with him or her. Engaging in middle school spats over every criticism is pathetic. Pick your battles, Mr. Trump.

Today is my Dad's birthday. He is 79.

My work phone is signaling I have incoming emails. Work becons. Have a good Monday.


Anonymous said...

I wish he would ignore the baiters and then Saturday BOOM.

Anonymous said...


Joe said...

That is awesome

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Between Lewis and the guy who thinks Guam is going to overbalance and flip, the Dems really have some third-stringers, don't they? And let's not get started on Pelosi.

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