January 13, 2017

What happened to the classic panatela cigar?

How did Friday get here already? It has been another week on the road featuring anonymous hotels, indifferent food, and lousy weather. The Windy City lived up to its nickname. I will not bore you further with details.

The weather is forecasted to be lousy this weekend with doses of freezing rain and ice to hit repeatedly starting this evening and lasting through Sunday. I can live with snow. Ice just sucks. I hope it stays warm enough that we just get rain. The ground is saturated now, but low level flooding beats the heck out of ice-covered roads.

I am trying to decide of a donut run is in order this morning, or if I should just be a good boy. I know my coffee mug needs refilled.

I bet this outstanding post has you on the edge of your chair, your hands gripping your laptop, mouse, or tablet in excitement, anticipation, and bladder-clinching trepidation. Or not.

Enjoy your Friday.

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