January 14, 2017

Example 5,560 of why this blog needs a better writer at the controls

The freezing rain that was predicted for last night was a no-show. I don't write that with any glee. I do not want to taunt Mother Nature. I could live with people who do not live near me getting iced. I just don't want it. Sorry if it is you. I don't feel too bad, you would wish it on me in your stead. It is OK.

I keep hearing Democrats claim Trump is not a legitimate President. What the Hell does that mean? He won the election. There is no evidence of election vote fraud by the Russians. They released emails from poorly protected server at the DNC. No one has disputed the content of the emails. If the truth cost Hillary the election, I really don't know what to say.

Did you read the Politico story about the info Clinton allegedly got about Trumps campaign manager from the Ukraine? It forced him out. Funny how no one is crying about the Ukrainians trying to subvert the election. Look it up yourself, I don't want homework on a Saturday. Edit: There, now quit complaining

My coffee cup is empty, time for a refill. That is as good a reason to wrap this up as any. Have a great weekend.

Additional edit:  it has started raining. I knew I shoulda kept quiet.

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Ed Bonderenka said...

"It's not fair! Somebody exposed our rottenness and we lost the election!".

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