January 19, 2017

While I am up on my soapbox

Can we get the facts straight? The election was not "hacked" by the Russians or anyone else. There is not a single piece of evidence of votes being changed or manipulated. Emails from the DNC and others were made public. Those leaked emails contained information that may, or may not, have influenced a person's vote. A damaging video about Trump and his attitude towards women was leaked in the weeks prior to the election that may, or may not, have influenced a person's vote. There is little difference.

Someone, maybe/probably the Russians, gained access to the Democrat email accounts and published embarrassing stuff via Wikileaks about how the Clinton campaign colluded with the DNC to deny Sanders the nomination. The emails revealed Hillary's open borders agenda and her position that one needed to have multiple positions on an issue depending on her audience. If those emails influenced the election that is her fault.

TMZ released the Trump/Billy Bush video without permission, but I doubt we would see 50 Democrats following John Lewis' "principled" stand against election "hacking" had Clinton won.

Do not fall for the hacking narrative. I will no longer use that term here regarding the election. Emails were leaked. No election was hacked. Anyone who says otherwise is disingenuous at best and more likely just a damned liar.


B said...

No, the DNC server WAS hacked.

But nobody really knows who did it.
Because the Server hasn't been examined. The DNC won't let any law enforcement agency look at it.

The DNC *says* it was the Russians. But we don't know, because there has not been a real forensic analysis of the traffic logs from the server...So everyone is going on what the DNC says.... But they have been known to lie....

Joe said...

The DNC was hacked. The election wasn't.

Anonymous said...

So people are more upset someone hacked a computer and published emails that proved that the DNC was in Hillary's pocket and not the fact that she is a crook. Amazing that people are really that stupid.

Joe said...


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I saw a comment somewhere to the effect that everyone including the local Boy Scout troop had hacked that server. Which is probably true.

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