February 10, 2017

I'm late getting at he old blogeroo today. My delay has no bearing on content. Waiting until afternoon does not mean I have anything to write about. Sorry. It is Friday at last. There is that. 

I'm not a lawyer, I did not play one on TV. I did represent myself at a speeding ticket hearing once. How in the world can any judge rule that a non-citizen, who lives in another country have rights under the US Constitution? 

If the press presented he Ninth Court of  Appeals ruling with any sort of truth most Americans would scratch their heads and say WTH?  Look it up, that is what they ruled.

I am not going to let politics ruin my day. Enjoy the rest of your Friday.

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Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

This is a case where Trump royally screwed up, and is continuing to screw up. He invoked national security when he signed the order, then allowed the courts to trample on his Constitutional prerogatives. The courts have no Constitutional purview over national security declarations of the President or the Congress, and what Trump should have done was simply ignored the courts and ordered his bureaucrats to do the same, and fired any who took refuge behind the court order to refuse to do so.

Otherwise it suggests that (extreme case) the President could ask the Congress for a declaration of war, Congress could approve such a declaration, and some state court somewhere could put the brakes on such a declaration by slapping a restraining order on it. Imagine if this had happened after Pearl Harbor.

See Jerry Pournelle's post on this subject at https://www.jerrypournelle.com/chaosmanor/constitutional-crisis-immigration-order-and-other-matters-of-importance/ .

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