February 11, 2017

Palm tree dreams

My view of the green comet was obscured by clouds. The ever-present light pollution did not help. I love living here in suburbia, but as I have said before, I miss seeing the night sky filed with stars. These days Jupiter and an occasional glimpse of Venus are all that is visible behind the haze of city light.

I didn't get up on purpose in an attempt to see celestial phenomenon. I thought I would take a look since I was awake anyway. Sigh. Insomnia used to be an occasional issue. Now it is a regular feature of my life. I once prided myself on my ability to relax. Now I am unable to shut off my brain. I suspect it has something to do with lack of nookie. That's my theory anyway. I trotted my thesis past the wife. She disagreed with the premise.  She claimed that is my theory of everything. I volunteered to put the principle through a vigorous test cycle. She pretended not to hear me.

The snow from earlier in the week melted for the most part yesterday. It is already 50 this morning. Rain is slated to move in most of the day. This has been as mild a winter as any I can remember. That does not mean I'm not ready for spring. Boy, was that a poorly constructed sentence. Let me try again; I am ready for spring. I'm ready for baseball. I'm ready for cold beer and smooth cigars on my patio,

No, what I really want is to be sitting on a beach under a warm sun drinking piƱa coladas or maybe watching the ocean roll by from the deck of a cruise ship while I sip a rum-infused umbrella drink. I suspect that would be an even better medicine than a little nookie for what ails me. I'm willing to try both cures, just in case.

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