February 8, 2017

Into this world we're thrown

I have an empty bag as far as content goes this morning. My brain is tired. I don't know what that means either, but I was compelled to type it.

It is supposed to snow today. It was in the low 60s yesterday. We shall see if we get the accumulation predicted. The ground is pretty warm. Even SnowTeamScareTeam is low key about the snow chances.

I dropped the wife's favorite sugar bowl last night. It did not break, but sugar exploded all over the kitchen. What a mess. It was not as bad as the jar of peanut butter I dropped and shattered several years ago. How do you clean a sticky mess filled with shards of glass? I guess that is why my Jif comes in a plastic jar now.

I had a guy call me about a job yesterday. This happens on occasion. I am intrigued in that it will pay a lot more than my current gig. A lot more. The issue is I am not sure I would like the work much. I could do the job. I could do it well. I also think I could wake up with an "I don't want to go to work today" attitude on a regular basis. But the money...Of course there is no guarantee I would get the job should I proceed. It is an interesting conundrum -- could I do a job I don't like to make a lot of money? To be clear, we are talking a 50-75% raise here for a job I would not enjoy much after the initial enthusiasm wears thin.

That is it for now, enjoy your hump day.


CnC said...

The jobs I have now living and working at a State oak in Florida and Brown County State Park In Indiana pay zero.
I have never been more satisfied in my life.

Anonymous said...

balancing work happiness against money is always tough.


Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

I'm in DC today. We're supposed to get maybe half an inch of snow tomorrow. Reagan-DCA's response? All outbound flights cancelled tomorrow.

Yada yada 14th Street Bridge I guess. Thankfully I don't leave till Saturday night.

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