February 7, 2017


It is a balmy 58 degrees outside as I type this at approximately 6:30 AM. It is February 7, for goodness sake. Just last week the whistle pig promised me winter. Oh wait, we are forecasted snow on the morrow. Don't despair, the roller coaster of weather will bring temperatures approaching 60 by the weekend! Crazy! That is multiple exclamation marks in one paragraph! Stop me before I inject any more excitement into my prose!

Do you know what else is weird? I am finding it hard to write anything mean, cutting, or sarcastic today. I have no doubt that will be remedied as I peruse the various news sources and blogs today.

That 84 Lumber Super Bowl commercial had a great effect on my wife. Her attitude on illegal immigration did a pivot over night. Seriously, she watched one video and suddenly became an open border supporter. I kid you not. Is it just a coincidence she wanted to go to the local Mexican joint for supper last night?


Anonymous said...

78 here, love the global warming !!!! I prefer to call it Weather.

Anonymous said...

GOC site is down,,wonder if he is ok.


Joe said...

I saw that. I know he was hacked last week

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